Android App Testing Peculiarities, or Pre-Release Quality Control Procedure

Provide the best client experience, revealing usability issues and perfecting your product performance with the help of Android app testing.

The explosive growth of smartphone use and mobile app development makes Android automation testing a key requirement for fast and efficient delivery of up-market and qualitative solutions. There are many aspects of mobile programs’ functioning which are to be measured and improved. It is recommended to use Android application testing to analyze different perspectives of operation and several tools of mobile app usability testing and mobile UI testing to realize solution’s mechanisms of work from different angles.
Even though there are manual ways to control mobile phone programs, user testing app android is preferable. Have a desire to achieve maximum reliability of your future product? Then our app testing services (crowdtesting by 4testers, for example) will promote an overall outlook on programs’ efficiency, allowing confirming their usability and ease of operation.Our experts offer Android device testing to find a direct correlation between mobile apps’ performance and their productivity. Therefore, test app Android methods promote understanding of final creation’s reliability.
Nowadays, there are numerous testing variants possible. However, some of them are to be applied in the first instance. Want to know which ones and how they benefit your project? Then keep on reading this article!

Android UI and UX Testing

A lot of consumers who are far away from being an expert in the field may find notions of UI and UX testing pretty confusing. Even though they are different, we can apply both of them for multiparameter analysis of your offer.
Desire to check whether your creation meets the determined functional requirements and corresponds with the quality and safety standards? There is a ready-made solution for you: user interface analysis provides the necessary data and promotes a deeper understanding of your service structure. We use this parameter to define how well the final product will be perceived by the target audience.
Want to find your solution’s vulnerabilities but have doubts how to perform the process in the best way?
4testers user experience testing is that multicomponent research to define every ambiguous issue of your service.
The entire procedure is realized by real customers’ observations.
For example, if your product is connected with online shopping, we will select the corresponding testing group which is experienced and interested in the field.
To achieve greater results, we highly recommend applying two methods in combination. No matter if you are preparing a mobile application for a B2B company or a banking agency, it is a must to check the final program’s compatibility.
If you explore that the system doesn’t perform from negative customers’ feedback, that would be the blow to your reputation. Since this problem is easy to solve if found on time, pre-release testing is of higher importance. According to our statistics, around seventy devices are necessary to provide a qualitative analysis. We can save your time and arrange the entire process for you.
Apart from the operating system, there are a number of components like CPU, diagonal and screen resolution that can seriously affect the solution’s performance. 4testers promotes a thorough product’s test on numerous customers’ devices to ensure each element will perform greatly on different platforms. Compared to a fairly few screens on iOS, variants of screen size and density for Android platforms contributes to the testing assessment and complexity.
One of the possible analysis variations to be highlighted is crowdtesting. In simple words, our experts use a crowdsourcing method to allow volunteers to test the program on their own without upper management guidance. Apart from compatibility tests, the crowd research we offer may perform other special studies, including QA testing, the external factors’ influence on the system, work with different payment platforms and internet networks like 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi, LTE, and others.
Sounds like a lot of work for your business to perform on your own, isn’t it?
Our experts will be glad to check whether a solution corresponds to all the set requirements, whether the installation is convenient for a user, regardless of his gadget, etc.

Android Bug Testing

Without a doubt, no developer would like to fail after the product’s release. If the program is loading different processes for more than twenty seconds, the majority of customers may get unsatisfied with its performance. Want to avoid such a scenario? Then it is a high time to apply bug testing tools to prevent similar issues and fix its source.

Among the prominent benefits of this often remote device checking procedure, your business will get the following:

Fast feedback on failures

The earlier the problem’s reason is defined, the fewer losses you will receive in future.

Stable development velocity

In this perspective, creators will be able to minimize technical issues and maintain solid performance on different devices

Safer code refactoring

It is a sort of bonus to create once and forever qualitative applications.

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Get Free Demo Android Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface

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