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The first group has not yet come up with and has not introduced its “universal soldier” into the business, but they are eager to do this, since they have heard of breathtaking results.

The second group has already implemented a chatbot in business, but did not receive the results that were expected during planning.

The Smart Chatbot

A team of 4testers specialists will help in both cases, since we know exactly what factors will make your chatbot an ideal technological assistant for your product:

A bot should bring positive results. Not to impose a chance to provide the address of one of your two branches, but deliver real, tangible benefits to a user.

A bot must have a clear navigation structure, so that a user understands where he needs to move in the process of communication.

The progress of communication with a bot and previously entered data should be saved, despite any user actions and his clicks on a site.

A bot should not flood a user with spam messages and impose unnecessary services.

A bot should have a nice avatar and graphic elements, a convenient, intuitive user interface.

A bot should advertise your products with low-pressure, reveal their advantages to the user.

The content that a bot provides must be personalized (appropriate exactly for your user).

All these (and many other) complex factors should be brought together and tested using a tester database and device fleet. Only a harmonious combination of all conditions will make your chatbot a full-fledged virtual assistant.

CheckList for Your Virtual Assistant Optimization

Let’s consider the main stages of testing your chatbot.
Testing a chatbot is not less important stage as creating it. The need to check the performance of your assistant with different devices, requests and users is obvious. Contact our expert team and get professional support at all levels!
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