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Save your time and apply to 4testers — our company is ready and up in arms to conduct a multi-complex check of your activities to offer ways to improve them.
Before releasing a product/application/website, each company’s task is to conduct an audit to ensure all the standards are met and satisfactory performance level is achieved. Apart from crowdtesting, we will benefit your business with comparative quantitative research. What is comparative research design meaning? According to comparative design definition, the testing goal is not just to perform a critical comparative analysis to define your software’s vulnerabilities, but also writing a comparative analysis with an aim to select a particular development strategy to succeed. Overall, company comparison analysis by 4testers has a complex comparative analysis structure which includes constant comparative testing, crowd research, and… To solve the structure’s puzzle, keep on reading this article!

Paired Comparison Analysis

Decision-making can be tough even at the best of times. However, the role of the process can’t be underestimated. Yes, we make hundreds of decisions every day (according to some sources, the number may reach about two million decisions, if counting both conscious and unconscious ones).
That’s why it is really important not to miss some crucial details and weigh up your options in a well-thought-out manner. What we offer to simplify the procedure and improve the final results is to conduct a paired comparison analysis. It is exactly what you need when it comes to defining pros and cons of several multiple variants to find out the most suitable one at the particular business development stage.
In plain English, the idea of the method is that every two objects (services, plans, ideas, materials, etc.) are compared in pairs, and the primacy of one among them is determined.

Our experts offer combining numerous analysis techniques and overview your product under different perspectives. Let’s be more precise:

You need to know which interface version may be more valuable for your target audience. To assist you, we perform crowd testing, during which only interested parties check out your software (for instance, evaluation of banking application can’t be done properly by a person who cares about shopping only). Moreover, our experts may perform a proper AB testing with alternative solutions on the market. Such analytics approach will consider all the influential factors. At the same time, research will be easier to perform since a pair of options is under comparative study.

Any UX and UI analysis can’t be done without thorough understanding of your consumers’ needs and demands. By creating and investigating several customer journey maps (in simple words, possible ways of how an individual interacts with your site and its content all the way through, etc.), we will help you define your offer advantages, as well as its usability and strengths. With a CJM, it is a Mission Possible to check which services require a detailed reorganization because of “pain points” in visitors’ experience.

We use quantification methods like System Usability Scale (SUS) and Single Ease Question (SEQ) as a great tool for taking a more clear-eyed look at the results. This so-called technology allows performing direct side-by-side analytics of your ecommerce-B2B-B2C agency’s tasks and systems.

Constant Comparison Analysis

Not to overwhelm you with unnecessary and too in-depth terminology, we will just say that a constant comparison is often associated with qualitative research (of course, these notions aren’t synonyms). What does it mean?
Unlike analytic induction, this method is capable of suggesting the interconnection of your offer’s several properties. One of the examples is the services’ distribution in accordance to clients’ value to the organization.
With this method, we are able to find multiple possible reasons for the same phenomenon. In turn, its consistent pattern can be determined. That enables our experts to be effective in forecasting financial efficiency of investing in this or that development route, for instance.
Our experts analyze the retail landscape of your product and compare it to alternative solutions on the market. Along with crowdsourcing, such an approach is a key to understanding which factors attract target audiences attention and make them select this or that service. Overall, 4testers specialists prepare reports of how:

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