Competitor Analysis Matrix, or How to Defeat Opponents in the Away Battle

Learn from your competitors’ mistakes analysing their sites, apps and social media.
Before releasing a new product or updating an old version, any company, regardless of the fact whether it is a startup agency or a B2B organization with long experience history, should conduct a detailed in-depth data audit of their offer. The aim is to find its uniqueness and value on the market. In order to form a powerful advantage strategy to succeed among rivals for your niche, 4testers recommend business owners to apply a competitive strength assessment matrix and see how competitive landscape matrix can benefit the development process. The analytics procedure includes such checks like competitive analysis UX and competitive strength matrix performed with crowdtesting elements.
Want to check which features you lack to become number 1? Wish to discover whether your content environment is understandable or completely annoying? Then 4testers is always up in arms to perform a 360-degree research of your service to find its strength factors and vulnerabilities in terms of comparative analysis with competitors. Just go on reading this overview!

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Competitor Matrix Services Overview

We are not going to beat around the bush: competitor matrix is the form of evaluation testing which compares one business with other rivals in accordance with a set of selected criteria. On the one hand, this procedure helps companies analyze their competitive landscape. On the other hand, it enables them to define key steps to change or upgrade improvement course to achieve greater results. Overall, 4testers will be glad to present you the following types of competitive crowd research reports:

Industry Grid

Our experts use this analysis technology to provide you with a general concept of what firms are presented on the market and which software actually can become your opponents in the nearest future. Basing on the level of customer satisfaction (CS) and market presence (MP), we subdivide organizations to define who are ecommerce leaders (both parameters are at a decent level), contenders (bonus for great MP, but issues with CS), niche solutions (both MP and CS are low), and high performers (high CS, but low MP). Want to get feedback on how your target audience evaluates your services? Then this offer is a hit-the-spot.

Win/Loss Matrix

With this report, our local and crowd testing specialists define how many successful deals you will be able to make if compared to different rivals. This check is a nice form of prediction which issues you might have in the future and thus, receive a chance to avoid or solve them. Besides, this method is suitable for planning your spendings and retail.

Feature Comparison Matrix

Eager to understand which functions of the offered products or services will be welcomed by consumers and which will not? Get ready to spot trends on your list. 4testers will check how beneficial particular features are and compare their rate of success at other enterprises. For instance, we may check the usability of your site’s shopping cart and test it within a suite of similar options.

Competitive Strength Assessment

Giving rates for a service is a common deal. However, to check how effective your own product is in comparison to other sites/applications/software may be a huge challenge. 4testers can cope with even the most complicated tasks — our suite of advanced remote, automatic, manual, and crowdsourcing tools are always ready for a new battle.
When it comes to competitive strength assessment, many men — many minds, you may say. And will be partly wrong. Our experts, along with remote testers, will evaluate a list of rivals according to key analysis factors. After several calculations, we are ready to present you statistical data which rank organizations as for their proximity to perfect parameters. In such a way, you will get a critical perspective of your strengths and explore the reasons why the opponents turn out to be more or less successful.

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