Business Competitor Analysis: Inquiring Websites, Apps, and Social Media

Learn from your competitors’ mistakes analysing their sites, apps and social media.

Performing Competitor Analysis of Digital Marketing

This study includes:

Company competitor analysis

Website competitor analysis

Social media competitor analysis

Market analysis

Nowadays the world is over-saturated with plenty of offers, and it is a challenging task to run business without regard to competitors. Business owners should know their rivals’ strengths and weaknesses. It is easy to miss a key point when even your most loyal customers go to other sellers. Which methods do market participants use to attract customers? What are your merits and flaws comparing to another economic players? Business competitor analysis from 4testers is capable of solving such questions. This study includes:
Our research is mostly based on crowdsourcing and crowd testing comparative investigation. Let’s have more detailed overview of each point.

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Competitor Site Analysis and Evaluation

Nowadays we can hardly imagine any company without a website, no matter what services business offers to consumers – B2B or E-commerce. A website, its content, UX design, usability – these are the first things the customers will pay attention to. 

For example, you have launched a website and think that it is good enough for selling your product. You have also examined the competitors’ pages, which in your opinion were satisfying.

Can we say that you have conducted competitor analysis?

Why is it worth turning to the marketing experts for in-depth audit?

Firstly, it is better to cover a big group of people to get more objective opinion.

Secondly, you have to test websites and applications using different devices. But the most essential thing is that the respondents should be representatives of your target audience. Just using this approach, we can check whether UX design is good or not.

For example, a 20-year-old user will easily find a ‘filter’ icon on a retailer’s site, that will sort the products by price, size, etc. However, if your target audience is mainly elderly people, they might not understand such icon correctly, or they even might not notice it as it is too small. Thus, just by using a word expression “Sort by” instead of an icon, you could increase the number of visitors on the website and your total sales.

Social Media Competitor Analysis

UX Design Testing

Going beyond the UX design testing, we specialize in carrying out a crowd research that is aimed at identifying how different communication channels can complement each other. We will find the approach that promotes sales and attracts new subscribers, forming their loyalty, and keeping them updated about new products.

Analysis of Digital Channels

Our goal is to analyze the universality of sales channels, as for example young people are more likely to prefer chatbot or notifications in applications/ messengers rather than email marketing. So, we use crowdtesting and involve people who match your target audience, and search for profitable sales channels.

Collaboration of Channels

We can also track how digital channels collaborate. For instance, a customer was looking for a particular item and even visited an online store, but did not place an order. During the next 3 days he will see advertisement of this item when he opens social media or other websites.

Finally, which patterns and differences shall we dig for on the competitors’ pages comparing to yours?

Whether UX design/context are convenient for users.

What communication and sales channels competitors have.

Whether these channels are comfortable or not.

Whether advertisement is personal or universal.

How all the sales and advertisement channels are working together.

Competitive Analysis UX: 4testers Commitment

How can you benefit from the obtained data?

Basically, our agency will prepare analytics presenting a detailed competitor’s customer journey map through digital channels. You will see the entire shopping process starting from surfing the net, and ending with becoming a loyal customer/ inviting friends/ using a loyalty program. Based on this landscape, you can use the advantage of knowing the best competitors’ sales technology, and thus build the most effective strategy in your business environment.

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