E-commerce Website Testing: Efficient Way to Survive Under Any Challenges

Since the area of small businesses is facing times of increased diversification and sophistication, there is nothing surprising in the fact ecommerce is gaining momentum. Nowadays, the opportunity for a B2B agency or a B2C enterprise to supply services, products or applications online is more than a modern trend — it is a necessity. In this perspective, ecommerce site testing is a guarantee you will keep up with the times and win consumers’ attention and pure support. 4testers is on the guidance of your success: our company is specialized at conducting ecommerce mobile app testing and product research ecommerce. Apart from performing manual test cases for ecommerce website, we are capable of providing you with ecommerce market research reports based on the results gained by applying automatic test cases for ecommerce website, QA testing, crowdtesting, ecommerce usability testing, etc.
The advantage of our method is as simple as ABC — we offer a multicomponent overview of your site, research its strengths and shortcomings on several channels (for instance, crowdsourcing helps define advantages which a user has by shopping on your platform). We test, and you succeed — this is our arithmetic law. Our experts provide businesses with the data necessary to improve their technology choice and overall progress to turn their offer into a self-advertising feature — excellent customer experience in 100% of cases. Intrigued? Stay tuned to find out other tricks we apply to make your business strategy work!

E-commerce Market Research

Let’s move to more detailed descriptions. Without a doubt, constant market-environment alterations can’t but influence the variety and the choice of checks and investigations which are to be performed to get a 360-degree overview of your particular situation. In this perspective, it would be a huge mistake for us not to offer the following services:

Unfortunately, global events, regardless of their character, can’t but influence the ecommerce atmosphere. 4testers services will help you define which information channels are of a bigger importance (for instance, a younger generation platform is Instagram mainly, while older individuals feel comfortable with newsletters and emails)

Ecommerce in different countries has its own peculiarities, for sure. If you want to expand your business, you have to understand your multicultural target audience. In this perspective, crowd research and comparative audit of similar solutions on the market will promote realizing how to make your offer more valuable and unique.

E-commerce Product Research

Despite the formal presentation of your solution (whether is a web or a mobile application), the following suite of testing is required to ensure you caught and fixed all the possible vulnerabilities before the release. Being proactive is a successful strategy to invest in: even the simplest evaluation of your software will enrich your potential on the ecommerce market.
Let’s take a look what checks 4testers offer includes:

UI and UX testing

Experts’ opinion can’t be underestimated, but you are not allowed to exclude people’s insights from your objectives. In this perspective, professional and crowd testing will help you check whether your web’s elements are accessible and affordable for visitors

AB testing

Content’s design has more influence than you may think. If the text fonts are chosen wrong, it has all chances to spoil the overall customers’ expression of the web. With the help of this analytics procedure, different versions of your product (interface design, particular features’ outlook, etc.) are tested in order to find which of them is better than for your project’s objectives and evolves more positive feedback from the clients

Functional and performance testing

If an application doesn’t respond to the consumers’ requests immediately, it can become really annoying and lead to the product’s deleting. Of course, such a consequence of events is far from what you expect and influences your retail performance and general customer loyalty to the brand. To avoid these inconveniences and losses, just check how effective the app performs the predetermined requirements and standards — our services will definitely come in handy

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