iOS Testing: Excellence Is in the Details

Conduct testing of your iOS app and enjoy the benefits of its perfect performance, making your users happy.
Depending on what is your business purpose regarding the product testing, 4testers will help you to define the exact type of iOS testing you need. Whether you require iOS UI and UX testing, iOS integration or performance testing, our team provides the best possible level of service.
The development of iOS mobile applications demonstrates space speed: they become a reliable helping hand for an individual in different life aspects, such as communication, business, education, entertainment and so on.
That’s why we’ve heard a dozen of times that iOS application testing is important. When customers have such a variety of alternatives, the main question appears — why choosing exactly your product, and not another one?
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Precious Feedback: How to Organize the Testing Process

Mobile App vs Web App

The main difference of a mobile application in comparison to a web app is the requirement of its installing on a device which has a particular platform, OS version, screen size, and set of functions the device is able to fulfill, such as making and receiving calls, texting, and performing loads of other operations simultaneously.


The crowd-testing enables you to receive results of mobile app usability testing inspections made on a huge variety of OS and devices with different technical parameters, as well as diversity of opinions from our 4testers team. Providing app testing services, we will bring your business idea to a new level where we aim to create an excellent experience for the customers.


Each feedback submitted by tester is manually checked, so the content you receive is clear, concise and ready to use. We’ll also help to analyze the obtained data and structure it by OS versions, devices, and any other technical parameters, as well as various feedback categories by stage of interaction, preferences, and coincidences where testers believed that was not their cup of tea.

iOS Testing Process: Experts vs. User Testing Opinion

The obvious benefits of crowd testing are wide range of devices, opinions, and the key point — you can combine bug searching with the user acceptance testing.
The distinctive excellence of iOS mobile app testing is that you can get great ideas on how to develop and improve your product.
Besides, conducting competitive benchmarking it is curious to find out what functions your product is lacking comparing to other similar solutions, and what opportunities you possess in boundless sphere of upgrades.

Additional advantage of iOS app testing — thoughtfulness of testers. End-use customers who interact with the dozen apps on iOS have specific expectations how your product should fit in the Apple universe.

Fantastic Bugs and Where to Find Them

We believe proper structure is the key to successful iOS bug testing. The prerequisites for productive bug reporting process is to define the criteria of what the bug is or, as an alternative, define the ways how the product can perform, and describe its exact functional abilities. So, in case a product/ system is operated in an unusual way, then we’ll have a chance to define whether it is a feature or a bug.

Depending on your business model, we are eager to be flexible and meet your developers’ team expectations. We care about your timing and expenses, that’s why each report will be double-checked prior to sending to you.

Get Free Demo iOS Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface

4testers Team: People with Different Experience and Views

Our Testers Team

Same as your target audience, our testers team consists of individuals with multifarious experience of checks who use various products for their own needs. Hence, we can provide you a unique mix of impressions. We strive to meet your expectations selecting a target group while keeping it diverse.


Our system allows specifying the audience for the tests by dozen of criteria you would like to take into account. Every tester takes both general training and focused instructions dedicated to your iPhone test app specifications. Such approach lets us make sure testers understand the main goal of examination and are able to follow it.

Extreme users

We also practice the ‘extreme users’ method. It allows us observing the situation from a different perspective and receive unbelievable insights.

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Get Free Demo iOS Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface Get Free Demo iOS Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface

Get Free Demo iOS Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface

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