Manual Testing: Are There Bugs in the System?

Manual Testing — a proficient method of killing bugs

Manual testing is an essential stage of quality control process during product development. Any software should be manually tested and checked for bugs prior to its automated examination.

Manual mobile testing will be conducted competently and with pleasure in the form of Quality Assurance and testing by professional team of 4testers company.

Kill All Bugs with Manual Testing

Bug detection is a special, specific type of testing that requires the tester’s mental activity. After all, the main goal of testing is to obtain a product that works without errors and provides the expected result. This is especially true for the development and manual mobile testing (iOS and Android app manual testing).

4testers team offers checking performed by local experts and crowdsourcing specialists. Overall, our tester almost instantly responds to a bug, reports information to the developers. The same applies to the product’s usability testing — automation testing is completely excluded here. Checking the usability, user interface friendliness is possible only in a “manual” mode.

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Manual Testing Process

If you own a product, and just now on the eve to decide how to test it, we recommend that you do not approach the issue from the point of view of absolute automation, do not get involved in writing complex autotests, and much more not to resort to the help of ready-made frameworks. All these are quite useful, but only after (or in combination with) manual mobile testing performed by up-market manual QA testing services and accompanied by crowdtesting, regression testing, etc.

What is our secret ingredient? We select the matching target audience of your site or application, or appeal to those who have already bought from you to find out what affected their purchase factor. To do this, we conduct an in-depth interview.

We also pay attention to those trends and tools that work best for your business and customers. Thus, you will find out which digital product is effective and which is not.

What’s More Effective? Manual Testing vs Automation Testing

Flexibility, efficiency, the possibility of improvisation, an individual approach — it’s all about manual testing. Which suite of services will you achieve? With crowd research, we test which customer categories might be interested in your B2B agency’s or B2C company’s particular offer. What for? The reason for that is pretty obvious: these parties will provide a thorough user testing analysis. They select a solution for their needs, that’s logical. Who doesn’t want to achieve the best app without vulnerabilities and constant remote cooperations with a manufacturer, literally begging to solve the occured issues like compatibility problems?

Thanks to this kind of quality assessment (QA), you can quickly get the required information about the testing progress, detected errors, presented by the quality of the product. Along with crowd testing, manual testing is believed to be the easiest type of testing. However, simple does not mean “inefficient” or “easy to do.”

Let’s bust the myths about manual testing:

“Manual” testing can be carried out by anyone, and even by the product developer.

No, testing should be conducted alongside the product’s designing and optimization to quickly respond to the research conducted. Performing any type of the mobile application (or other product) check up requires a certain level of knowledge and skills. A developer simply will not have time to fulfil these tasks, both optimizing and testing the product at the same time. In addition, it is a well-known fact that finding mistakes in your own work is much more difficult than in someone else's.

Manual testing is a very simple process that does not require any specific knowledge.

No, in order the testing to be effective, it needs to be carried out using various options and all possible cases. If bugs are detected, a tester must quickly respond and send information for correction, and then — create new test cases (taking into account the corrected issue).

Automation testing is much more effective than manual testing.

No, you should be ready for the fact that full automation testing of your product is impossible. Automation does not provide that flexibility and speed of response to optimization, sensitivity to changes. In automation there is no room for improvisation and generation of new cases in testing that lead to improvements and upgrade of your product.

The base of the 4testers company’s testers possesses all necessary professional knowledge and skills. Contact us, and we will help you create your ideal product or make it even better!

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