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The modern mobile app market requires perfection if you aim to achieve success there. Over 60 percent of users will delete an application immediately once they catch a bug in it. Additionally, the usability of applications is very important as clients don’t have time to investigate the program. They want to get what they need in a twinkling of an eye.

So, optimizing both the speed and quality of testing is imperative for your enterprise, no matter whether it is a B2B or B2C company. High quality program parameters are equally valuable for banking institutions, car-sharing projects, food delivery or anything else. The right direction in this case is planning a reliable and effective QA strategy in mobile application testing.

How It Works: Mobile Usability Test

Mobile app usability testing in particular, and all mobile app test measures in general help your developers to evaluate how comfortable, understandable and attractive the product is for the clients. The target goal of 4testers company that provides app testing services is to help designers create fast and user-friendly applications.


Here are the points a professional UX agency should check. With our help, your application will have


These were just the most important points to check in every mobile app.

The most effective way to examine an app is crowdtesting, of course. This word derives from “crowdsourcing” and has a likely meaning. A real user testing mobile app features and functions, and sending regular feedback can help to improve it in the best way possible. 

We are proud to have an extensive real user base who can conduct crowd research and crowd testing at your choice to obtain a perfect program.

Appropriate size of UI buttons and their comfortability for big fingers

Buttons and their location in a single zone of the device’s screen

Location of pictures and icons appropriately positioned due to the environment of an application

Correlation between the color of the buttons and their functions

Proper functioning of the system with higher and lower screen resolution and interface scaling

Minimum keyboard typing

The possibility for a user to go back or cancel the last action in case he pressed the wrong button

Fast context menu usage without its overload

Readability of short sentences and paragraphs

Simplicity, visibility and clearness of text contents

Optimal font sizes

Appropriate issue warnings in case of data overload

Understandable and effective user manual

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Peculiarities of Android and iOS Mobile Testing: We Consider Details

Device manufacturers. Only Apple designs and produces native iOS gadgets, while there exist numerous companies manufacturing Android phones and tablets without any standardization

Hardware. iOS devices have common and predictable hardware parameters (CPU performance, screen resolution, RAM and physical memory capacities, etc.), while Android devices — don’t

Environment. iOS has its closed-source available only for one developer, while Android is an open-source-based system. Both have their advantages and vulnerabilities

Capacities. Android gadgets may not comply with Apple devices: such a match will perform poorly, have limited functionality or will not work at all

Providing proper checking and analysis to make your program function smoothly on both Android and iOS devices is a challenging task. It would be wise to entrust completing remote quality assessment to an experienced company and get the job done by professionals in a simple, fast and effective way.

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Contact us — and together we will make your app perfect! Contact us — and together we will make your app perfect!

Contact us — and together we will make your app perfect!

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