Remote Usability Test: Minimize Expenses and Maximize Your Efficiency

If a variety of testing solutions make you go crazy and you are not sure where to start, 4testers is here to assist and provide you with a set of checks to analyze your business remotely

Any business is looking for opportunities to check their product’s reliability and performance efficiency in a headache-free manner. Luckily, a solution is found. With the help of 4testers services, your company can improve user experience, develop the functionality of their website/application/digital products and thus, receive a better feedback to their actions. What we offer is providing a remote user testing, which includes several checks like usability testing remote, unmoderated testing, remote usability videos, remote mobile usability testing, etc. Accompanied with the latest crowdtesting technologies and remote UX testing, 4testers will help you make any product rocking on the market.
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Remote UX Testing

In basics, this form of testing means that a user without any guidance or surveillance checks how convenient a platform is for completing particular tasks.
The goal is to define vulnerabilities which may prevent people from going for your product after its release. This analysis combines several tools and methods, and when it is performed remotely, it is easier to unite all the achieved results in a single database. For instance, card sorting will help you find out how logical and well-structured your software menus are.

The analysis may also include remote UI testing, during which we create a set of test cases to check whether customer experience achieved is of a decent level. It is a sort of asynchroner method because testers don’t receive updates simultaneously with the check’s duration.

A considerable bonus of this technique is that it diversifies your choice of people who are able to test your solution. Since they do that remotely using their own gadgets, it is also a perfect method to minimize spendings. With remote UX testing, 4testers will benefit any business with the following advantages:

Since the research is performed in a digital manner, it will be easier to systematize all the received divergent data

You won’t miss any news or detail because you can specify information online — forget about constant notes, etc

Faster information verification and analysis

Remote Interview

Faraway locations and lack of time have always prevented you from conducting a thorough interview with your customers? It is not an issue anymore — with remote interviews by 4testers any company will get a 360-degree understanding of people’s insights and why the say “yes” or “no” to your product.

Due to this research, we are able to provide businesses with qualitative reviews of their software, defining weak and strong points highlighted by testers. One of the obvious benefits of the method is its ease. You can gather people from different geographical locations and interact with them, catching the slightest emotions and impressions your offer evolves.

Another option is to call your target customer and check why he made this or that decision and thus, create his customer journey map. The more calls are made, the clearer picture our experts get. Depending on the research parameters, 4testers specialists can define which customer category is more interested in your offers, which channels of communication with a developer your target audience prefers, and more.

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Remote Usability Videos

Want to provide a more interactive user testing of your product? There is a perfect option we can offer to any B2B agency, B2C organization, or online business company.

What do you imagine by remote usability videos? Overall, this is a sort of crowdsourcing. We select target users of your brand and ask them to capture a shopping process or using other site services, and share the results with our experts. The aim of this crowd research is to provide multicomponent analytics of the entire customer’s interaction with your platform/product.

QA testing

our specialists define how qualitative the site representation is. For instance, whether all the elements function as expected. At the same time, this procedure includes compatibility testing — we test whether mobile devices influence the web’s/product’s performance. Why is this important? To meet the needs of the majority of consumers — isn’t that a great idea? To avoid any issues after release, it is a must to ensure that your services will suit any user, regardless of what gadgets he possesses

UX testing

with the help of remote usability videos, it is as simple as ABC to check how intuitive the navigation for a customer is, whether design peculiarities match the original project’s objectives, etc. For instance, 4testers experts will define whether the platform offers features which are fast in performance and convenient in use

Customer journey map

this interactive crowd testing allows tracking the entire interaction way of a visitor with your brand. What catches his attention first? Which elements are more popular among the most consumers? Answers to these and similar questions are a key to improving the provided services and maintaining a better customer experience

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Get Free Demo UX Testing and PDF with Design Trends in 2020 Get Free Demo UX Testing and PDF with Design Trends in 2020

Get Free Demo UX Testing and PDF with Design Trends in 2020

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