Social Media Market Research: a Crucial Key to Successful Brand Promotion

Over and over again, numerous companies underestimate the power of social media market research. However, it is not only a constant competitive advantage, but also a source of understanding target audience insights and wishes.
4testers conduct crowdtesting to achieve advantage of understanding masses from various parts of the world. This can be one of the successful social media marketing research elements.

Taking into consideration the overall popularity of instant messengers and other digital communication platforms, using social media for market research is extremely wide-spread. A qualitative content analysis is social media treasure. However, some firms just start their way of beneficial social media audience research. The more a company understands their customers’ purchase potential and demand, the better research proposal on social media they can make.

Do you want to save time on the learning curve? Just apply to our company and get an individual approach that will help your particular project gain momentum. There is no universal technology of social media research study, but the professional analytics we provide will be a game-changing competitive advantage for any business sector. So, the social media research 4testers offer in 2020 includes…
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Social Media Content Analysis

Without a doubt, the number of global social media is going to increase in the future. According to research data, over three billion people use these platforms on a constant basis. For any business, it is a great responsibility to create a product to meet the peculiarities of each media format.


Instagram environment suggests a more friendly and easy-going communication, so advertising is to correspond to this so-called requirement. Here people are more accustomed to participating in several campaigns, discounts, lotteries, etc. Briefness is preferable. Our experts are always there to help you define whether your offer is going to interest potential customers.


LinkedIn offers a more professional background where content evaluation is based on terms of brand’s strength. With our services, you will be able to know which presentation approach will be suitable for your target audience.


Overall, Facebook may be a combination of the previous two platforms. It promotes a promising work environment for remote forms of activities. What we offer is to use the benefits of crowdsourcing services to find out which strategy will be more efficient. Crowd research allows performing a data-rich comparative analysis of people’s insights.

Social Media Research Study

The number of tools to investigate customers’ feedback on social media is totally generous. And 4testers experts can cope with various ecommerce systems to help your site/ service/ software promotion.

Specify your problem and objectives to cover

Social media can become a synonym to a strong information source. It is a must to develop your main issue that you will be able to solve after the social media market research. Otherwise, it will be a pure waste of time and other resources. In this case, to limit a wide range of search factors is a direct way to receive a true-to-life landscape of your business progress. For instance, looking for the product's strengths and weaknesses is a nice idea, but you are also welcome to leave a space for improvisation not to miss important but completely unexpected details.

Analyze received information​

This stage offers a nice chance to answer your objectives. After all necessary feedback from customers’ and potential users was collected, it is a high time to create a unified concept of what promotes increased shopping activity, which services attract more attention, and how you can benefit your retail success.​

Locate your market research​

It is a proactive decision to focus on a particular type of social media or just select one of them depending on your research objectives.

Organize achieved data​

Not necessarily your information will be presented in the form of text only. A crucial task for any product developer is to keep his documentation in order.​

Develop key search terms

Many men equal many minds! During this stage it is a great job to place yourself on the consumers’ side and check how they perceive your services. If you have issues with it, crowd testing may come in handy.

Create a to-do-list​

When we’ve got research results, the final task is to strategize and apply achieved knowledge on practice. Among them, it is an analysis and improvement work on social media strategy on such platforms, as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. Due to chat bot, it will be easy to define which platforms will be the most effective advertisement and stay-in-touch channels to reach the highest feedback from every customers’ category.​

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Whether it’s a B2B more repeat sales!or B2C company, 4testers experts will find a working solution for everyone, and pretty soon you will benefit from more traffic to the site, more likes and comments on social networks

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