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To develop a website is half the battle. The main thing is to make sure its performance coincides with all the original plans and doesn’t leave much to be desired. In order to achieve product’s success after the web’s release, preparation testing is a must.

You need constantly to reload the page to make it work? The system doesn’t allow you to log in? It is so annoying to face any issues when using a website. Not to lose potential customers, all the preparations and 4testers website usability study are to be done before the platform is released and available for the target audience. In this perspective, developers can benefit a lot due to website testing services which promote crowdtesting, web GUI testing, website UX testing, etc. Of course, web app testing allows checking the website for errors and shortcomings, but the process is to be performed by the entire team that worked on the page creation, not developers only. In such a way, user testing sites will be used to the full extent for providing the best results.


What are the must-have steps of the check procedure? 

Does it depend on the final product’s recipient, be it a B2C company or a B2B agency? Stay tuned to find out the peculiarities of the website QA, UI and UX analysis.

Web Usability Testing

Before diving into the topic’s details, let’s consider the web testing notion. In simple terminology, that is a test process to get to know whether a website contains any bugs or vulnerabilities. It is performed before the product is launched for public use. Such user testing is a sort of precautionary measure. If some mistakes are not found because of lack of control and tests, then it may cause extra losses for developers and high risks of future project’s failure.

One of the techniques to be applied to provide a multicomponent website research is usability testing. It can be easily realized by the original team or with the help of crowdsourcing services. If the option of crowd testing is preferred, you will receive a new view of your project. Out-team testers will have useful and, what’s more essential, fresh experience on the page’s functionality. Crowd research doesn’t include manual analysis of code though.

During the usability assessment, a focus group is to validate the navigation ease and efficiency, as well as content quality. Let’s be more precise. Each text on the site has to comply with language rules: spelling, punctuation, grammar, and lexical standards are to be abided. This applies to all text elements — button labels have to be correct without any doubt.

At the same time, the customer’s route on the page is to be convenient. User-friendly interface needs to possess high components’ visibility. Outsourcing links are to be functional and valid, as well as buttons perform the predetermined features from the very first click.

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Of course, usability testing is always accompanied by other website quality control procedures. Among them, it is worth highlighting the following:

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Get Free Demo User Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface Get Free Demo User Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface

Get Free Demo User Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface

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