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Discover how to reach the top level of your project, applying website quality assurance.

Website testing is one of the most important development stages. After it’s done, a client gets a finished project with no errors, good readability, visible content, comfort and durability.
The main points of the website QA process are steps showing a user how comfortable and logically structured the project is. Providing clients with maximum simplicity in data searching is another important point of QA in web development. Keeping that in mind, a tester (or a crowdtesting agency) checks the site’s functionality and the UI design according to the brief.
What is crowd testing? You probably heard about crowdsourcing, didn’t you? It means almost the same, just a large group of potential users conducts crowd research to test the website entirely.

Website QA Testing

There are many ways to organize the QA in web development, but one shouldn’t forget about the process itself and the examination strategy. Hiring a professional company like 4testers guarantees the perfectly planned website quality assurance procedure. The short to-do list of the site trial research includes the following points:

Usability verification

Shows and adjusts the comfortable level of user experience. The main task of usability inspection is to set up the things and design in the way a user wants to get and/or buy, and to guarantee clients find exactly what they need without obstacles, delays or other issues.

Performance measurement

In fact, this is a user testing session, though frequently emulated. A tester sends a variety of requests to the website simultaneously to find possible performance vulnerabilities.

Trying out the UI

It is about checking the graphic user interface. Testers aim to find out whether the site’s capabilities correlate with the graphic interface, whether it looks professional and matching in terms of design, styling and corporate identity branding.

Safety proof

It is a key to get the reliable and secure site. The main point of this web quality assurance stage is to check the site for vulnerabilities before different kinds of cyber attacks. For example, if we test a site created for the internet store, the SQL injection (database request) is probably the most critical thing to examine.

Our company is capable of providing manual assessment and careful analysis to recommend improvements for sites of either B2B or B2C firms.

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Functionality Testing

Web functional testing is indicated separately not by accident. It is a website QA stage that a professional tester shouldn’t avoid. The target of functional examination is to check whether a system calculates and processes all the functions correctly.

For example, let’s assume that we check an internet store again. Stores usually have not only discounts and special offers for certain items, but also numerous statuses, filters, and quantity for each item a customer can purchase. Of course, it is crucial to test all possible variations. Why? If the functional part of a website fails to work with the particular browsing app properly, there is high risk of failures and compatibility errors showing up anywhere else.

Search, order and purchase

Navigation, filters, menus, categories, applications, etc.

Authentication forms

Adding, deleting, editing product lists, order forms, services, packages, and so on.

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Get Free Demo QA Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface Get Free Demo QA Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface

Get Free Demo QA Testing and PDF with TOP 10 Features of WOW-Effect Interface

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