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Are you looking for an online testing job? Becoming a test engineer is a perfect way to start working remotely and become a dream specialist for modern IT companies.

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Online Testing Job: Perfect Profession for Picky Users


Before launching and delivering to the customers, clients or users, any product or service passes quality checking procedures. In the sphere of information technologies of the modern world, digital testing jobs are a separate occupation for skilled people called test engineers.

The list of responsibilities to perform quality assurance tester jobs duties includes careful searching for program errors (bugs) and possible functional issues, manual checking whether the final product correlates with all stated requirements, noting the defects and their location in the appropriate documents. Thus, developers can fix errors in beta-versions of the created software and release the high-quality apps for the users.

User Testing Jobs

There exists a separate field for such employees – crowdtesting jobs. Of course, a perfect result is achieved thanks to a big group of professional analysts checking the quality and functionality of a mobile application, its UI, company’s site or service. It does not matter whether they remotely work from home completing testing jobs as contract workers, or come to the office as colleagues, whether they are full-time or part-time employees, every specialist is valuable when the process is organized appropriately.

The motto of QA professionals might sound like the following: there are no perfect apps, but only those poorly tested. These experts find gaps in programmers’ logic, highlight specific nuances and so on. All in all, they should take an application under consideration as perfectionist users would do.

As you might understand already, software quality control is an important stage of the project preparation process. That is why bug searching is a set of duties for the entire team of experts. A part of them is busy with preparing checklists, others are analysts of data completion, logics and correlation with demands, and some people actually examine things.

A team leader keeps an eye on the schedule, estimates deadlines, guides workers, etc. This person is more of a manager with the knowledge of programming specifics.

In case your app is simple and small, even one expert may be able to deal with its checking. Moreover, the task can be fulfilled remotely with no problem

Digital product testing: earning money while improving your skills

Usability Tester Job

Usability testing jobs mean checking the software product for correlation with UX demands. In other words, a professional performs UX testing jobs to check how comfortable a developed app is for a users.

Usability check means


People who are diligent, patient, responsible, communicative, have a critical state of mind and well-developed analytical abilities should think about starting a career in this profession. QA experts have no problems with job search nowadays, as their specialization is relatively new and rapidly developing. Its regression won’t catch up with you suddenly in the nearest future.

An undisputed advantage of QA profession is that testing jobs from home can be carried out without any obstacles. That is why numerous people choose work for user testing.IT-companies like HCL, independent groups, organizations possessing automation systems, and many other firms need such specialists all the time. Besides, there are three options to choose your career growth and professional development: continue developing as a direct checking expert, becoming a QA Automation Engineer (programming + testing), or getting a managership.

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