Improving Banking Services

Client is the nucleus of a financial group, one of the largest financial institutions in Central and Eastern Europe with a full range of financial services for private and corporate clients



Tests performed:


Client’s field:


Research period:

16.04 – 19.09.2019



Cooperation duration:

5 months

Number of testers:


The challenge

The level of service provided by the client has stayed for some time on a good level. However, with the number of employees and services offered increasing, they faced the problem with maintaining the same level on bigger scales. As the result, the necessity to check the quality of service delivery, compliance with their standards and their clients’ experience appeared. Professionalism of employees, their awareness of the banks products, speed of work and ability to identify customers needs with their further satisfaction became the first priority focus.

The systematic failure to meet the standards of the second month of service at the "post service" stage dramatically reduces the perception of the service package as a bonus. And it creates the feeling of a formalized approach to the client against the background of receiving automatic messages.

The solution

Having analyzed the data provided, the following project design was suggested and, later on, implemented.

Mystery shoppers must go through the complete process of designing a premium package and receiving it at the branch, recording each step of the Bank's interaction.

  • Establish the exact text samples best suiting the requirements
  • Divide the existing shoppers base by segments according to gender, age and geographical position to provide the most diverse and accurate samples with population’s characteristics considered
  • Investigate the expectations of real customers of the bank for service after receiving the service package
  • Based on the information obtained about the client’s expectations, clearly formulate service standards at the stage when the client has already received the service package

A total of 28 inspections have been completed, which include 6 service steps:

  1. Interaction with the operator;
  2. Singing up for a package of services at a Premium Manager;
  3. Issuing a package of services by a Premium Manager;
  4. Capturing experience – 1 month after the service package has been awarded by the Premium Manager;
  5. Capturing experience – 2 months of service after the service package has been awarded by the Premium Manager;
  6. Capturing experience – 3 months after the service manager has been issued with the Premium Manager.


Implementation of standards

The outcome

The client was provided with information regarding the development zones

  • Investigate the reasons for missing client invitations to the meeting.
  • Implement the employees motivational system
  • Come up with the system of managers objections handling, jointly identify the shortcomings and conduct training on communication.
  • Implement developed service standards and conduct training for the employees.
  • Launch the monitoring program to track the compliance with standards and to adjust them for the changing environment/situation
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