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Client is one of the largest private commercial banks in Russia.



Client’s field:

Financial services, online banking

Research period:




Cooperation duration:

2 years

Number of testers:


The challenge

One of the client’s strategic directions was development and implementation of online banking app for their customers. Having completed the first stages of software development and UI settings, on the pre-launch stage it was crucial to ensure the app is created for customers’ convenience and suits their needs. Upon the results of crowd testing, the outcome still remained the same – it was difficult for the customers and not as easy to use as expected.

The solution

Considering the background and the final results of the first research, it was decided to conduct in-depth interviews with the selected number of people to gain their real-time experience, emotions, perception and subjective evaluation.

To do so, 10 people with completely different social, financial background were selected and invited to the F2F interview with product testing on sight.

During approximately one hour they were asked to undergo all the possible interactions a customer would face, from searching the app, installing, loging in and up to conducting the transactions, filing requests and contacting the support team. With a proper accompanying from our team’s side, each and every click, action and operation was monitored in terms of customer’s efforts, satisfaction, ease of use and other aspects.

The outcome

Once all opinions were gathered and analyzed, the client was provided with the clear replies on what prevents people from getting the best experience, what they lacked before and what needs improvements to provide the competitive product which would stand out.

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