Shaping the service to shine like a diamond

Sunlight – shaping the service to shine like a diamond Russian local company providing the distribution of jewelry by famous brands since 1995, from earrings, brooch and pendants to watches and souvenirs.



Client’s field:

Luxury Jewelry

Research period:

Oct 2019 – Nov 2019



Testers profile

New to the website people

Tests performed:



Browser, website, search bar, selection, order, payment

The challenge

Considering that the majority of sales is being performed in online, it is crucial for marketplaces to keep the service in line with the clients expectations and to provide them with bugs-free yet convenient solution to satisfy their needs. Having this in mind and after full analysis of the reviews, our team has approached the client with the offer of customer’s journey evaluation and tracking. Upon further communication, it was established that the sales rate kept staying on the same level with occasional negative tendency.

The solution

As a solution, the client was provided with the full program design which would allow to gain the most important: Insights on customers’ perception Estimation of satisfaction and expectations Thorough analysis of each stage of interaction – its flaws and advantages Complete list of recommendations to implement on sight and in long-term improvements

The starting point of the program was the website and full customer’s experience – from searching the website to completing the purchase, resulting in detailed CJM (customer journey map) report on each stage and touchpoint.

By applying the accompany checking methodology during customer journey mapping, the results provided to the client contained:

All of the above is being implemented by the client’s team to ensure the first steps of improvements are being taken. Further on, the program is planned to be scaled to measure the experience via all the available channels and in every direction of interactions – from sales and delivery to issues handling and after-sales communication.

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