Testing of a brand new digital payment service

NDA is a leader in global payments and a technology company that connects billions of consumers, thousand of financial institutions, and millions of merchants, as well as governments and businesses around the world.


Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, France, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain Sweden, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom

Client’s field:

Financial services

Research period:

Dec 2017 – Mar 2018



Cooperation duration:

4 months

Tests performed:


Number of testers:


The challenge

NDA is the global payment network's entry into real-time personal payments, supporting transactions that hit the customer’s wallet almost instantly. Before the great launch, which was a banner day for the transaction industry, the service had to be tested thoroughly.

As far as the main benefits were the ability to transfer money to any payment network within seconds, our team’s main aim was to test if the bank in a given country with a given BIN number supports the brand-new transitions system and to evaluate it’s efficiency.

The testers were chosen according to the requirements for a certain bank, card type and BIN number (first 6 digits of the card number). The project manager got an access to client’s portal and sent money to the testers. The testers’ task was to check their account 30 minutes after the money had been sent and confirm if money had been received or not.​

They would then submit a bank account statement proving the money came or not.

The outcome

As a result, the client received full and practical insights on the way the system operates across different cards and banks, fixed the issues preventing the transactions from coming through and managed to decrease the time it took for receival.

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