Functional Bank in the Pocket – Competitors analysis

The client specializes in online banking systems across the globe, providing the customers with easy to use, insightful and innovative products.



Number of tests:


Client field:

Mobile Banking

Research period:

October 2018

Client name:


Cooperation length:

1 year

# of testers :


The challenge

The client was aiming at entering the new market and preliminary research was one of strategic points. In order to identify the local customers needs and to gain the understanding on the competitors in the respective country the information on public perception, products in use and additional value features was needed.

The solution

For the particular case thorough details and real-time experience of current customers were established as the priority. Upon analysis, capturing the live experience of the users via CJM method was chosen as the most suitable for full immersion.

During the course of the project, 6 people were found who were among the existing clients of the competitors, to share their experience.

Regardless of the small number of participants, the project was designed in the way to get in-debth data aiming at the quality of received feedback, rather than at quantity.

All of the participants underwent the live testing together with one of our team members as a guide

The benefits of such method are the following:

Before proceeding with the actual tests, we have conducted additional research on must-have options, functions and features which people expect to see as a very minimum in any online banking.

At the end of conducted research, the client was provided with the details on:

  • Products line
  • Availability of basic options
  • Unique and most current offers
  • Loyalty programs
  • Emotional perception and reactions of real customers
  • Expectations from the product type and compliance of the market

Availability of must-have options and solutions

Additionally, the client was provided with several new products design, supplemented by statistics gained from parallel research across the whole country.

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