Online payment system– release and support

Digital wallet platform “NDA” is a fast and convenient way to pay for your purchases anywhere: from stores, websites, and more. With it, your data is securely protected, and you have everything you need to pay. You can also manage your account on the website or in the app.


Russia, Ukraine, Germany, Czech, Croatia, Slovakia, Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark

Tests performed:


Client’s field:

Payment via NFC

Research period:

08.2017 - nowadays



Cooperation duration:

3 years

Number of testers:


The challenge

The company was about to launch the new product to a number of markets, however, the first contact with public and first experience was crucial for adoption. Due to high diversity of technical characteristics and needed compatibilities, the risk of failed transactions at the very beginning was unacceptably high.

The product needed full support and monitoring on pre- and post-launch stages in order to track, quickly capture and fix discovered issues.

The solution

To achieve client’s goal two complex programs were designed – pre-launch testing and post-launch monitoring. Considering that the main goal was to identify, locate and fix all the possible crucial bugs, the best solution was to engage the big number of different combinations of devices, bank cards types, OS versions, shops terminals, and so on.

On the post-launch stage it was suggested to lower the scope and continue tracking the apps work, considering the ongoing updates of the app itself, OS versions, new phone models, new devices supporting the function and new integrations of the app’s software.

Geographic expansion: 2017 year – 4 countries, 2018 - 5 countries, 2019 - 10 countries

The outcome

Upon successful performance of the pre-launch stage, the full set of bug reports had been forwarded to the client’s team, analyzed and fixed in the further apps version.

Having corrected all the crucial bugs, the product was ready to release and the risk of negative customers’ experience eliminated.

During post-launch the tests were continued across chosen locations and within certain retail, transportation, taxi, banking and entertainment chains. The scope has been extending to cover for the newly joined and yet troublesome locations to ensure the ongoing support for product development and calibration.

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