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Croatia, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Ukraine, Belarus, Israel

Tests performed:


Client’s field:

Payment systems, banking

Research period:

Apr 2017– Dec 2017



Cooperation duration:

6 months

Number of testers:


The challenge

In order to achieve the major goal our client has, and with the background of constant expansion within coverage, there was the need to test newly developed cards as a part of pre-launch research.

The new cards needed to be tested for adequate functioning, as well as for compatibility of the devices within the transfer chain. Apart from this, due to majority of people still using cash withdrawals, the testing needed to cover for this direction as well.

«The introduction of new payment cards is fraught with difficulties in tracking their functioning.»

"For the successful implementation of new payment cards, it is necessary to configure their performance and help consumers understand the value and appropriateness of their use."

The solution

According to the purpose and requirements of the Client, an extensive study was prepared covering 7 countries.

  • Among all the testers within the respective countries, the best were chosen for the performance, taking into account the needed segmentation and geographical positioning.
  • An agreement was signed with a group of testers who provided their personal data to participate in the project
  • Payment cards were registered on their names and were delivered to testers for the project period
  • Several scenarios were developed to cover for all the aspects of pre-launch test, considering also the users behavior peculiarities and differences.
  • Each of the test included the transaction and/or funds withdrawal, supplemented with bug reporting directly to the client for the cases of payment failure.

Program’s aim:

  • Ensure that the cards work correctly in different (defined) places – a total of 581 locations were checked;
  • Track the payment failures and instantly report back with the errors log;
  • Ensure that the product is ready for the release

The solution

The main goal of the Client was to issue new types of cards and adapt them in certain countries. Using our testers database, the Client received valuable information on the quality and adequacy of the functioning of cards in various locations.

The client was provided with the ongoing supply of new and diverse data which resulted in successful calibration of the system and ensured the correct release in the countries.

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