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During the development of IT technologies, new systems, and the advancement of science to a large extent, Cognitive Services are gaining more and more interest among the developers and development-related business owners. It is something more, it includes cognitive API, cognitive analytic, and cognitive testing.

If you take business analytics as a whole, you need to understand that a large amount of data is processed during this investigation, and depending on the requirements of the type of analysis, there are 4 types of analytics: descriptive, diagnostic, predictive, prescriptive and cognitive.

As required, cognitive analytics includes machine learning, data analytic, intelligent technologies, depending on the human intellect to perform certain tasks. The prototype of this type of analytics is the human brain, how it can process the information, perceive the outside world, its emotions, etc. Adopting this modern technology makes cognitive application more intelligent and efficient.

Microsoft cognitive services demo is a suite of cloud settings that can solve many tasks, such as speech recognition, faces, passions, look, and more.

The goal of Cognitive Services is to help the developers understand the machine learning algorithms developed by Microsoft to solve the dilemmas in the field of artificial intelligence and use them in their applications. Microsoft also actively develops and implements in its APIs such functions as:

  • Emotion detection;
  • Video detection;
  • Speech detection.

Cognitive Services APIs are classified into 5 sections


Vision allows you to analyze photos or videos. It is applied for content and various helpful information. Using vision makes it possible to implement the following functions: face recognition and vision recognition. For example, the ability to explain profiles, handwriting identification, optical character recognition (OCR) from images and live-time video viewing. 

Speech is an opportunity to better recognize it. With the Azure API for Cognitive Speech Services, you can integrate language processing capabilities into any product or tool.

Language is an understanding of sentences and intentions, not just words. Using the Cognitive Services Language API, you can develop applications that understand a wide range of text. In the world IT technologies, adding the Language Understanding feature in APP makes it possible to extend the functionality of this application.

Knowledge tracks research from scientific journals for you. The knowledge API can use or create resources for integration into the software and services with several other features.

Search applies machine learning to the web search engine.

Microsoft Azure has a range of AI-based intelligent services, each designed to meet different needs. Based on this, it is possible to create systems that can see, hear, speak, and understand people in their native language and use the same communication method to interact with them.

Watching technological trends, we must understand that today the world is at the stage of a breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Now the copter solves problems, sends people in space, manages transport. Technology companies are doing a lot of research to get the best AI knowledge.

A great contribution to cognitive research is being made by Ulster University. This university is known for about fifteen years of research in the field of cognitive analytics. Their research methods are used to train cognitive applications to “become smarter”. Applications have an opportunity to model the human brain and act like a human being. Among their well-known robot developments there are famous SIRI app or a robot for Hilton that tells the guests about the hotel, the sights of the city in their native language. The Cognitive Services API allows web developers to leverage AI research resources to solve many application development problems. Also, do not forget about one important process of cognitive tests that provides a set of psychometric tests designed to measure your overall intelligence. In most cases, cognitive tests remain from verbal, numerical, abstract, and logical tests.

Thanks to the information received, practicing cognitive services, enterprises can analyze the threat to the market, find vulnerabilities, and, thus, improve the industry. This is one of the reasons for the increased interest in cognitive services that benefit the companies in drawing up marketing plans and their ability to change the operating model. Different manufacturers face a rapid change in the business situation that requires their modernization and maintaining positions over competitors in growing profits.

By using Cognitive Services APIs, you not only develop artificial intelligence, you also grow your business and cultivate advanced intelligence.

As we can see, it is essential to use Cognitive Service when developing new programs in terms of realities. It is also important to understand what these services are used for and what their purpose is in your development.

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