What is digital CX?

What is digital customer engagement? As the world is getting more and more digital today, customer’s acquaintance with a company often begins with visiting a website, and here digital transformation influence customer experience – customers discover brand history and values, range of products, etc.

According to the recent Qualtrics study, 65% of customers said that their experience with a website was a very important factor while deciding whether they would like to recommend a particular brand. Digital customer experience strategy and digital customer experience management are becoming the most essential stages in forming the best digital customer experience.

According to Joe Pine, Fortune 500 company management advisor and co-author of The Experience Economy, “Leading-edge companies – whether they sell to consumers or businesses – will find that the next competitive battleground lies in staging experiences.”

As we found out, the users do not separate their real and digital experience, both of them influence their opinion about the company. While shopping, customers do not just purchase the product itself, but they buy experience, impressions, both offline and online.

Look at the leaders in each industry. People are ready to wait in a queue to get a new iPhone model, while you can find the phones of other brands with the same technical characteristics even cheaper without any waiting lists. We are sure that everyone can remember at least a few such examples.

Pay attention how much effort the leading companies make to communicate with the customers, create a special experience for them. Сompanies that use all available sources to attract consumers (websites, social media, loyalty and marketing programs, designed to provide the best customer journey) succeed to create the army of their loyal customers.

If talking numbers, why is it that important to have involved customers? Highly engaged customers are 6 times more likely to try a new product or service of their favorite brand, 4 times more likely to recommend that brand, and double more likely to purchase the products of the preferred brand, even if competitors offer a better product or price. Such customers buy 90% more often and spend 60% more per purchase.

Moreover, the companies which are already digitally close to their customers, have 26% more profit than their old-style competitors. Sounds convincing, right?

Customer Experience Transformation 

The IDC 2019 research, which involved CEOs of 2000 companies from all over the world, showed that more than 65% of companies planned to focus on their digital strategy. We believe that due to the latest quarantine measures this number will even increase. Regarding the reasons for this decision, almost half of the respondents cited customer satisfaction and experience as their main motivating reasons for digitalization.

Which steps should be undertaken to improve customer experience?

First, you should know your target audience. Qualitative research will help you understand the age, gender, average income, budget, preferences, interests and main motivations of your customers, no matter whether your company is e-commerce or B2B. You have to find the best way to engage consumers, to understand the entire purchase history – what should be the next purchase? Website design, blog, texts, products and all the processes should be build according to these data.

Direct mails, content, special offers, advertisement have become more personalized, and customers expect the same from their digital journey. Given the number of digital channels, there are many possible ways to design a fully personalized customer journey. 

An Accenture research discovered that 75% of customers would prefer to buy from a company that addresses them by name, knows their purchase history, and recommends products basing on this data. Nobody wants to be just one of thousands customers. 75% is quite a big figure, and therefore, an easy improvement to implement.

  • Monitor the services and products your competitors supply. Understanding your weak and strong points, you will always be aware of the latest trends in the industry, implement innovations faster, and find things to improve. Look at the company through the customer’s eyes. Would you choose your company among all the others if you were a consumer? 
  • Stay open to the customer needs. Time and efforts to satisfy client demands should be minimized. Customer service is still very important for the consumers. 60% of respondents all over the world claimed that they would refuse dealing with a company that delivers unfriendly service. Provide your customers with quick answers — 42% of consumers on social media complain about 1-hour response waiting time.
  • Give customers the opportunity to leave feedback. It can help you to understand the triggers of their choice, get some ideas for improvement. For new clients, it will help them to find the product they need and see that each customer opinion is valued. Also, note that 78% of customers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Make your customers happy, build an army of your brand fans, provide them an exceptional service level, whether digital or not, and your business will not have not other option but success.

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