There are many nuances in the development and design of mobile apps for e-commerce companies. However, online and offline stores basically work on the same principles. If customers don’t like something, they will buy nothing, so any e-Commerce app requires an intuitive UI and eye-catching design.

Do modern developers know what user interface (UI) design is and how to make it good? Yes, a good retail shop design system UI is based on the client’s’ behavior and satisfies their needs. In this article, we’ll share tips and recommendations about the site or perfect online shopping app interface.

User Interface for Online Shopping: Tips to Consider

Except of the informational components of the UI design, all best or worst e-commerce user interfaces include three obligatory components: a catalog, a filter and sorting system, and a shopping cart. To ensure an effective user interface, the developers should keep up with the target audience definition results and deliver to the clients what they want from the very beginning.

Item Catalog Design Solutions

How do your users prefer to go through the process of scrolling the item list? You can find that out with the help of A/B testing: how exactly your customers want to interact with the application of your store. That’s an important branding attribute as well.

Here are some tips for comfortable lists.

  • At first, simplify the menu. According to the Hick’s law, a wider choice makes it more difficult for people to decide which option they should select. As a result, the decision-making process takes more time. By excluding some menu categories, you can improve conversion directly, as it will be easier for the users to work with fewer options.
  • Secondly, enlarge the size of items on the screen and display them one by one. In case of the e-commerce shop interface or a website UI, more is not better. Individuals’ attention has its limits, making it impossible to perceive a table that includes a lot of elements. The research by Visual Website Optimizer in the field of eCommerce showed that enlarging the image size of a product unit can increase the conversion rates by up to 10%.

Filters and Item Sorting Solutions

Fashion and clothes shopping apps usually have two types of ordering the items, just like eCommerce programs: filtering and sorting. Filtering is usually wide (for men, for women, for kids, etc.) while sorting is as straight as possible. The point is the right organization of both retail stores’ design system UI elements to make them improve sales.

Ecommerce Interface: “Add-to-Cart” Button

Online shopping includes four steps at its final stage: adding an item to the cart, checking the cart, choosing the payment option, and the withdrawal processing.

So, the next step after filtering the search results is to switch the customer’s attention to the “Add to cart” button. Make that button stand out of other elements and be clearly visible in the background. You can try changing sizes, colors, transparency or location to achieve the desired result.

Cart Page and Payment 

The final stage of purchase here is a cart. It is important because many users quit an app after they added an item to the cart, so the conversion gets lowered. The task of a designer is to create conditions for a user to concentrate on the process and reach the final payment stage smoothly.

E-commerce Interface Key Points

Here are some final points and additional tips. Consider them to make your app special and different from the other brands. Customer focus is one of the best strategies on the market, and the usability of your mobile solution improves a lot.

  • Simplify the menu.
  • It is better to use fewer pictures of larger size.
  • Think of the filters than are most important for your items and light them up visually.
  • Use the visual hierarchy to make the “Add to cart” button impossible to be skipped.
  • Determine the most convenient payment options for your customers (carry out A/B testing if you are not sure).
  • Use notifications with bold fonts and animations to show the user that the order is in progress. People want to be completely sure that an app isn’t lagging and everything is fine, especially when they’re at the payment stage.

Use these tips to create the best e-commerce interface for online shopping. An optimal application will improve your conversion rates and lead your business to higher revenues.

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